Investing for impact

We support entrepreneurs who are passionate about people and planet


Our Story

We are a family of Impact focused entrepreneurs who have been investing in Private Equity and Venture Capital since 2005, supporting great entrepreneurs and fund managers who invest globally. 

We built sdv. as our investment vehicle to support our mission to channel more capital to entrepreneurs on a global scale, with a strong focus on Africa and South and South-East Asia

What we do

sdv allocates capital in three ways:

1. We incubate solutions primarily in the SaaS, web3 and creator economy by bringing together teams, ideas and resources. We act like a Venture Studio for projects we are passionate about:

2. We invest directly into start-ups;

3. We invest as an LP directly in Venture Capital funds.


Our Vision

We are extremely passionate about solving a few problems:


(i) How to mobilize more capital to entrepreneurs in developing countries that are building solutions that ultimately 'level the playing field'; drive social change & environmental awareness and create long-term, meaningful employment.

(ii) How to use the web3 features of decentralization and radical transparency to build trust to ensure a more efficient flow of capital.

Some projects we support

Cartica is building a social enterprise on top of Web3 to promote awareness of sustainability for our youths through content creation and building rewards in the form of NFTs.

Investor Report is building the IR platform to remove friction in allocating capital within the VC ecosystem.

cert0 is building a document identify platform based on the blockchain to help protect IP ownership rights for creatives, and intellectuals while addressing some of the challenges in ESG certifications.